Delivery & Return Policy

Delivery and Return


Our IT professionals are committed to giving you high-quality new and refurbished IT equipment. Guaranteed it will be sent to you in excellent condition.

But in case you want to return your goods, you just have to contact us. 

Once you contact us to report an issue, we’ll get back to you the same business day of receiving the ticket. One of our IT engineers will help to resolve the problem and, if necessary will replace any faulty parts promptly..

The best way to return a product is to contact our team directly on +44 208 0642150 or via email:

Learn more about our returns procedures below:

Faulty goods within the warranty period  

All our IT equipment is supplied with two years or six months of warranty. If you find any fault with your goods within this timescale, you can contact us and we’ll fix the problem or send a replacement.

Incomplete or incorrect goods?

We keep special attention on deliveries to avoid misunderstandings but if your goods do not match your order or are missing items, you can contact us and submit a return request. 

Delivered to the wrong address?

If your products are delivered to the wrong address, please inform us as soon as possible and we will send out replacements to the correct address immediately and arrange collection from the incorrect address.


You have to be completely sure before making setting an order. But in case you order the wrong goods, you can notify us to cancel the order before we send the product, then we will refund your account with no extra charge.

What is the warranty on my IT equipment?

All our products new and refurbished are supplied with two-year or six month warranty period. If you find an issue with your products in this timescale, contact us. It all depends of the product.

How do I return goods?

First, you have to contact us. Our IT engineer will provide you with further steps. 

 What if I want to return goods that are not faulty but have been opened?

As the question above, for returns you have to contact us first.


Where do you make deliveries?

To all UK

How much does the delivery cost? 

You have two options:

  • Pick up at the shop. We are located at 1 Long Lane, London. 
  • Standard delivery fee £10

 Which company do you use to make deliveries?